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June 2012

Bergmann Magne

However great they may sound, air bearing designs can seem daunting to the inexperienced. But this Danish turntable package is more user-friendly than most. Review: Steve Harris Lab: Paul Miller



Bergmann Sindre Straightline Tracking Arm and Turntable

Bergmann Sindre Turntable. So how does it sound? In a word, superlative. Outfitted with an Ortofon Windfeld, my reference this year or so, the Sindre sailed with ease over just about every stretch of round black sea I launched it upon...


August/September 2010

Bergmann Sindre Turntable & Arm

The thing with air-bearing arms – and especially on air-bearing decks – is they are usually a frustrating glimpse at the best vinyl can do. Frustrating because for every record played, you spend twice as much time tinkering with the thing to make it play again. Not so the Bergmann. It just kept on playing. No fuss, no bother, no panic. And no distortion. How cool is that?




I need to mention one more aspect of the Bergmann`s sound that makes it different from any other turntable- presentation of the space. Sindre`s placement of the instruments on the stage in the space is just... perfect - you couldn't wish for more.



Stereo Mojo: Bergmann Sindre Turntable

The Bergmann Sindre is a work of art not only in appearance but in its engineering as well. The 'less is more' design seems to have paid off in terms of performance, setup and reliability.


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